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I've kind of neglected this journal for a long time. I'd posted occasional updates on my fanfiction.net profile about my attempts to write the epilogue for "The Long Road." The last I said there was that I was still trying to work on it, but now I am posting here to say that the story will not be finished.

I guess there a lot of reasons why the epilogue will never be written. For one thing, even thought I had some plans for the epilogue and a few loose ends I still wanted to wrap up, at the time I wrote the last chapter, the story started to feel complete. Another reason is that I have changed fandoms a few times in the last few years, and I don't feel the call to write for one of my old fandoms. I have really felt much like writing at all for a long time, actually starting during the time I was posted "The Long Road." That was the cause of some of the late updates.

Like I said, I doubt there's anyone out there wondering why I haven't updated in so many years, but I felt the need to declare the story officially abandoned.

Fanfiction Masterlist

Hetalia stories: "Family Secrets" (COMPLETE): Ancient nations are sometimes able to visit their descendants. This is the story of what happens when Ancient Scandinavia visits his descendants, and a terrible secret is revealed. This story came about from my attempts to work out various family trees for the characters, and my growing obsession with the Nordics. I also blame this story on the Kink Meme, and TV Tropes "Wild Mass Guessing" page for Hetalia. This story has been posted in four parts. Part One:   Part Two:  Part Three:  Part Four

"The Long Road" (IN PROGRESS): Sequel to "Family Secrets." In the aftermath of the revelation from "Family Secrets", the rest of the Nordics have to help Norway deal with what happened. However, there are things that happened to him that they don't know about yet. And sometimes their help accidentally makes things worse. Ten chapters posted so far.
Chapter 1  Chapter 2  Chapter 3  Chapter 4a 4b  Chapter 5
Chapter 6  Chapter 7  Chapter 8  Chapter 9  Chapter 10 Chapter 11  

Chapter 12
I'm giving up, I think. I don't have a chance of winning NaNo at this point. Tomorrow I'll be over two days behind, and be without my laptop for who knows how long. And, I'm going on vacation over Thanksgiving weekend, and I wanted to be ahead enough by then that I wouldn't need to worry about my word count. Especially if I don't have my laptop to be able to keep up at all.

And it really doesn't help that the only ideas I get anymore are for stories I want to read, not for stories I want to write. And then I get more depressed that I'll never be able to read them.

I might as well just admit that I don't have a chance and just quit now and save myself the embarrassment of trying and losing.

I almost wish I could do that with the rest of my life. The way things are going I'm never going to be anything but a failure.

The Long Road Ch32

Warning: There is still discussion of abuse in this chapter, as well as a brief hint toward earlier suicidal thoughts.

Chapter 32Collapse )

The Long Road Ch31

Note: See previous chapters for warnings. I don't think there are any new ones for this chapter.

Chapter 31Collapse )

The Long Road Ch 30

Warning: Child abuse. See previous chapters for other warnings.

Chapter 30Collapse )

Long Road Chapter 29

Warnings: This chapter does contain an actual depiction of abuse. See previous chapters for other warnings that may apply. There are still a few mentions of what was warned for in the last two chapters, but it is no longer a major plot point.

Summary of Chapters 27 and 28Collapse )

Chapter 29Collapse )

The Long Road Ch28

Warning: Like the previous chapter this chapter also contains some suicidal thoughts, as well as discussion of those thoughts. If this is a trigger for anyone, please read with caution. A brief summary of chapters 27 and 28 will be provided at the beginning of the next chapter, in case anyone needed to skip them.

Chapter 28Collapse )

The Long Road Chapter 27

Warning: This chapter contains suicidal thoughts. Please, read with caution. See previous chapters for other warnings.

Chapter Twenty-sevenCollapse )

Long Road Chapter 26

Warnings: This chapter takes a slightly darker turn again, and contains some suicidal thoughts. See previous chapters for other warnings.

Chapter 26Collapse )